Manager, New Ventures

  • Nov 05, 2018
Full time Administration & Office Support

Job Description

  • Enable the creation of new revenue opportunities for MTN Nigeria through venturing and business model innovation.
  • Drive commercial viability of emerging technologies to be market ready within the MTNN Context.
  • Support the Shareholder return strategy by developing and implementing Transformation Office processes that are aligned to achieving all elements on the business score card. (I.e. Grow Market Share, Grow ICT & Data Revenue, Increase EBITDA margins, Assure Revenue, CAPEX Returns Management and Net Subscriber Additions).
  • Draw up financial statements based on well articulated assumptions & define learning agenda for businesses in incubation.
  • Manage the preparation of the monthly financial reports for venture entities in collaboration with the internal/group finance teams Accountability for the financial health of a portfolio of strategic ventures producing financial reports, analyze everyday financial activities and subsequently provide advice and guidance to upper management on future financial plans.
  • Strategic Partnerships with MTNN leadership team to drive awareness on expected behaviors and impact on non-compliance on bottom line results and company image/reputation.
  • Drive planned strategy for the successful delivery of MTN Group and MTNN transformation initiatives focusing on BRIGHT Strategy.
  • Drive an increase in MTNN’s Net Promoter Score.
  • Stay abreast of technology waves and customer insights related to content, multimedia and portal services
  • Prepare and give business reviews to the senior innovation leadership regarding progress on and impediments to achieving operational objectives
  • Collaborating with internal stakeholder teams to take an idea from concept to production following the MTNN Innovation lifecycle.
  • Execute the strategic innovation and venture development plan while working with key internal stakeholders (e.g., Finance teams, technology, legal, customer support, sales, etc.).
  • Facilitate legal, accounting, insurance, technical decisions and resource allocations;
  • Work with internal and external networked resources to develop strategies that facilitate venture creation and commercialization
  • Stay abreast of all changes in financial regulations, legislation and trends in the markets and around the world that has any immediate or indirect impact on the organization and its operations
  • Support the customer centered innovation by generating compelling value propositions and creation of minimum viable prototypes.
  • Create business model options & identify critical unknowns. Stochastically model the impact of those unknowns on the desired business outcome.
  • Design & conduct "minimum viable prototype" based "with market" experiments to gain more certainty around chosen business model.
  • Strengthen the business model development practice
  • Identify emerging technologies and companies of interest to MTNN for early, mid, and late stage investments
  • Oversee all venture operations
  • Assessment of new business ventures using the MTNN TELOOPS framework, assessment of competitive landscape, formulation of business case, defining target markets, and a Minimum Viable Product
  • Guide technology development work by working with subject matter experts & external vendors/partners.
  • Continuously seek self-professional development to sharpen skills and capabilities in a versatile and evolving digital landscape.
  • Coach and train the team to ensure understanding of the objectives and goals of the department, awareness of set targets/requirements and regularly review their training needs.
  • Review performance of individual team members and complete appraisals in accordance with the employee performance appraisal procedures and time schedules.
  • Identify training requirements of team members, develop program to address knowledge gaps and to enrich knowledge repository within the department.

Job Demand(s)

Job Condition:

  • Normal MTNN working conditions
  • May be required to work extended hours
  • Open plan office.


  • 6-13 years working experience


  • A First degree in relevant discipline
  • MBA, MSc or equivalent will be desirable

Knowledge, Skills & Attribute

One of the following expertise or experience also desirable:

  • Financial management, CIMA, CFA, CIM, Risk qualifications
  • Emerging Technology certifications (e.g. blockchain, cloud, Mobile etc.
  • Legal or Contract risk management
  • Strategic Alliance management
  • Data as a Service monetisation.
  • Commercial legal competence and contract risk management
  • A significant exposure to Software design and development or VAS Engineering experience building interfaces and integrating 3rd party services
  • An understanding of the process for developing or implementing products and propositions within a financial services or Telecoms environment
  • Extensive Business Intelligence (Insights, predictive analytics and Big Data) experience. A grasp of an enterprise technology environment and its primary platforms and integration requirements (or similar such enterprise architecture synonymous with financial services environment).