Manager, Emerging Technologies

  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • Jun 26, 2018
Full time Information Technology

Job Description

  • To trail blaze the delivery and commercialization of next generation technologies with a view to capture value for MTNN. This will require active collaboration with internal stakeholders and external global R&D partners.
  • Develop high-quality software design and architecture.
  • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development life cycle.
  • Develop tools and applications by producing clean, efficient code.
  • Automate tasks through appropriate tools and scripting.
  • Build high scalability projects involving cloud-based infrastructure design and implementation.
  • Understand and apply emerging web and mobile development models.
  • Review and debug code, perform validation and verification testing
  • Collaborate with internal teams and vendors to fix and improve products
  • Document development phases and monitor systems
  • Ensure software is up-to-date with latest technologies
  • Partner with the Innovation hub and ecoystems stakeholders to define scope, intention and best use of capabilities, considering user experience, content efficiencies and more.
  • Define best "fit" and interdependencies and connections of capability within the solution ecosystem
  • Maintain present-day knowledge of technologies and be the resident expert providing feedback to the Innovation leadership for review and further dissemination to the divisions. These may include:
  • Machine learning and related algorithms applied to various areas of recommendations, predictions and prescriptive analytics, optimizations, classifications, clustering, and segmentation.
  • Deep learning with object recognition derived from computer vision and natural language processing (via videos and script metadata).
  • Data science based methods to automate learning; use of probabilistic reasoning and uncertainty management to maximize confidence in solutions.
  • Designing and implementing natural language interactions and conversational AI that provide intelligent user assistance.
  • Conduct research and forsee the potential needs of the market at large and evaluate the fesiability of solutions.
  • Participate in identifying and creating applications for novel technology and business ideas.
  • Build and architect the next generation digital platforms such as Speech recognition, Blockchain use-cases, Biometric Identification/authentication and Machine learning.
  • Collaborate with global R&D partners on radical innovation initaitives around machine translations, deep learning, Screenless display (Virtual retinal display, Bionic contact lens, EyeTap, Google Glass) etc.

Job Condition:   

  • Normal MTNN working conditions
  • May be required to work extended hours


  • 6 - 13 years of experience which comprises
  • Experience as a software developer.
  • Experience taking ideas/concepts to market ready mobile applications, micro services or cloud enabled architectures a plus


  • First degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or Electrical/Electronics
  • B.Ed, B.Eng, B.Sc, B.Tech or HND

Knowledge, Skills & Attribute

  • Worked across diverse cultures and geographies.
  • Proven project management experience, preferably with an organization health component.
  • High performing individual with strong standing, credibility across organization and a natural internal network.
  • Strong analytical skills and sound business judgment.
  • Excellent problem solving skills, ability to help others organize problem solving
  • Excellent communication skills; strong networking and influencing skills
  • Experience creating and presenting presentations to all levels of the organization
  • Strategic outlook and attention to detail Training:
  • Emerging technologies and proprietary partner technologies
  • Imperative skillsets
  • Frameworks : Qt, GTK++, JBoss (Seam, Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Cache), .NET, ReactJS, Restify, Angular
  • Services: AWS, Azure, MongoDB, Apache, Firebase, Hadoop, Redis, SQL, Algolia, Git, NoSQL
  • Dev Tools: C++ , Kotlin, Python, Obj-C, Swift, C#, Android Studio, JS,
  • Operating Sys: Linux, Android, Apple, Windows
  • FLIGHT Program
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Business Risk/fraud Contact Center Management
  • MIS/System and Data Analytics
  • MTN P10 – Closed Loop Feedback
  • Financial Modelling in Excel